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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Chapter Coming Soon!

Hello all! As many may have noticed, its been about a month since chapter ninteen of Samurai Usagi was where's chapter twenty!? Well, we're working on it, but there's been some trouble...mainly because the team is very busy with real life matters! School, work, illnesses...some of us are so busy that we can't even check our e-mails regularly, so communication between all of us is also going slowly! Its crazy I tell you!!

But the main point of this post is not to make excuses, but to let everyone know that chapter twenty of Samurai Usagi (and subsequent chapters) is on the way! If all goes well, people should expect to see an update on Monday, or at the very least sometime next week! Look forward to it!

And in the meantime, please enjoy this piece of lovely fan art, made by Hangdok from devianART!

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