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Friday, 7 December 2012

Shino cosplay

Oh mai gawd guys, guess who finally got their cosplay pictures off the camera!! We lost the wire for the camera, you see, and the memory card doesn't fit with the slot in my laptop and...uh, well, anyways! Take a look at my Shino cosplay!

These pictures were actually taken AFTER the convention, which explains why the setting is my kitchen, and my co-stars are a cat and a cooler (the cat's name is Pebble btw). I got home wearing normal clothes, but my mom hadn't got to see me in costume and made me put it back on to take pictures, so my outfit wasn't put together as neatly as it could have been. I'd used spray-in color to dye my hair green for the occasion and at the con it was quite springy, but by the time I got home it'd all drooped down to its natural height D=

Next May I plan on dying my hair properly, so I can actually wash it and redo my hair as needed to maintain optimal springiness!

You can see my obviously homemade geta as well...I did my best to find a real-life match for the ones Shino wears, but I figure Fukushima-sensei must have made them pretty stylized because nothing seemed quite the same. I reeeally wanted to make the green lacquered pair she usually wears with this outfit, but I was already pushing my luck getting dad to help me make them (I'm too scared of the saw to cut the wood myself DX) so I settled for pain wooden ones with green straps instead. One day I'll make a better pair! I'd love to make cosplay outfits for all the kimono Shino wears, actually- the one she has on in the current 'A Day Alone Together' arc is my favorite, but it'd be hard finding the right material to cut for the gradient coloring. I'll settle for this one until I have more time/money/resources.

Those of you who're going to Anime North 2013 in Toronto, I hope you'll consider doing a Samurai Usagi cosplay as well!! Then we can all meet up and take pictures together XD

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