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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Samurai Usagi chapter 23

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!! Here's chapter twenty-three of Samurai Usagi! I have some special news to accompany our release this time around, so please read on!

First off, I'd like everyone to give a warm welcome to the newest edition to the SU Scanlation team, Sayo! Sayo will be working as our typesetter from now on, and this chapter was her first job ever! With this, we now have five official members! Now we're a real team! Because everyone knows you're not a real team unless there's at least five of you XD

My second topic for today is a little more serious...and that is...manga reading sites! Scanlation groups who try to keep their releases restricted to their website of choice...and official English publishers, who've really been cracking down on illegal activity as of late. As some may or may not know, there are many manga reading sites such as Manga Fox and Manga Here that choose to ignore the requests of certain scanlation groups when they ask for their chapters to not be uploaded to reader sites. This is not only rude and disrespectful to the scanlation teams that put so much hard work into distributing this manga, but also an endangerment to their entire operation. The reason why these scanlation groups ask for their chapters to not be released in certain places is to draw attention away from them. If there's too much buzz going on with a certain manga, official publication companies will take notice, and this could get these scanlation teams in serious trouble! But a lot of manga reading sites just don't give a damn, and upload the chapters anyways :(

Now, now, don't worry! Because Samurai Usagi has a fairly small fanbase (which I am pained to admit T.T!!) and currently no official English releases to speak of, we are in no danger of being sought out and punished. All I ask is that people make an effort to respect the wishes of the scanlation groups who are under close watch. If they ask for their chapters to not be uploaded at certain locations, please do not upload them! Even if they have been uploaded to a manga reading site you visit, try downloaing the chapter from them directly instead of increasing traffic! Official publishers can and do take notice of manga that are viewed frequently and receive high rankings, so by simply going to the websites of these scanlation teams instead of reading their releases online, it takes quite a bit of heat off them.

That is all! And now without any further delay, here is the download link.


  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. finally a new samurai usagi chapter...

    thank you very much for the release, every day i come here looking for a new chapter :)

    1. Thank you for your patience :)

      I know, if only we could release faster...I'm always very impatient about getting new chapters done XD

  3. Hey,

    Just wanna let you know that I have just started on Samurai Usagi a few hours back. Have finished reading all the 23 chapters and... ALL OF THEM ARE HILLARIOUS!!! Love it! =)

    I'll be following this blog so that I'll always be notified with your latest updates!

    *Looking forward for Chapter 24* Whee~

    Wilson Khor Woo Han @ Seymour Nightweaver

    1. That's wonderful! Welcome to the Samurai Usagi fandom, I'm super glad to hear that you're enjoying the manga so far =D

      We'll be doing our best to update with new releases as often as possible!