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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chapter 24 is on its way!

Hello all! Its been quite a while, hasn't it?

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that the next chapter of Samurai Usagi will be on its way...soonish. The whole team has been extremely busy in the past few months with work, school and everything in between. Even I've been having trouble finding time for myself, when I usually have such a plentiful supply of it. I've finished my final classes and am currently undergoing an internship at Stone Canoe, an animation company located in Toronto, Canada. The work is fun, but my days are long. It takes an hour to get to the city by train, so during the ride I've been cleaning pages and doing what translations I can without any dictionaries on hand (and no internetz). I'm hoping to have a chapter ready for release by the end of next week!

Until then, just sit tight!

P.S- I'm going to be cosplaying as Shino at Canada's Anime North convention next month! Are there any other SU cosplayers out there?


  1. O_o

    wow.....finally some news info....

    every time i open this blog finally pay off...

    hoping this manga became much2 more popular

    1. Sorry for the delay ^^

      Do you think I should give regular updates on how things are progressing from now on? Like 'chap XX is 50% cleaned and 20% translated, and so-and-so is finishing their exams next week, so...' and such? I see that a few other scanlation blogs do this, so I've been wondering about it.

      I would also love it if the manga become more popular =D

    2. actually that is very good idea....

      So we know that this manga still have hope :)

    3. I'm never ever ever dropping this, just so you know! But I'll do my best to keep everyone informed between updates anyways ^^