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Sunday, 13 May 2012


And then it was decided that I would update this blog every Sunday, whether there was a new chapter to be posted or not! I will be giving updates on the status of upcoming releases and the staff members to let everyone know how things are going and may be in the future.

So its been a week since our latest release, give or take a few hours! Since then I've heard back from my two cleaners, who are just about finished their final exams and have/will be starting the cleaning of chapters 26/27. The pages for chapter 25 were already cleaned some time ago, but I have yet to hear back from Rilen who was assigned to translating it. Rilen is the only one on our five-person team who has a full-time job and also happens to live in Malaysia, so a busy schedule combined with the time difference between us sometimes gets in the way of speedy communication. Our typesetter Sayo recently had to get her computer repaired, which is why I was responsible for the typesetting of chapter 24! Its working A-OK now from what I hear, so once she has the translation for chapter 25 she should have no problems putting that together with the clean pages. Like me, Sayo has just completed an internship and will be graduating from the same animation course as myself! That means she`ll also be busy with trying to find a job, but I`m sure she`ll have time to spare for a little Samurai Usagi!

As for me, I've finished the first stage of translating chapter 26 (the first chapter in vol 4!!), which means I have about 2/3 to go! Once I hear back from Rilen we'll decide on who's doing 27 and onwards, but it usually goes him-me-him-me until one of us is has to take over for longer because the other is busy. We'll just have to see, anyways! Until then I'll keep up with translating chapter 26. I'm going to be a bit busy this week though- gotta write my internship report, update my demo reel and resume, start applying to places for work and finish making my Shino cosplay outfit on top of that! But we have to get chapter 25 done first, so I don't think my personal matters will be a problem just yet.

And that's the first of what I assume to be many weekly SU scanlation updates to come! Please look forward to our upcoming releases and thanks for stopping by!

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