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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Update x 3

So I knooooow there wasn't an update last week, but I honestly didn't have anything to report, plus I'm running out of good SU fanart to add here...SO I decided to wait a week and see what came about! Luckily I do have something to say this time, but UNluckily the thing I have to say is that Rilen was unable to get chapter twenty-five translated this week, but assures me that he'll do his best to get it done by the end of NEXT week. Having a job sucks, doesn't it? Meanwhile, I've been busy looking for a job myself! Oh the irony.

Ah, I just realized I used a lot of uppercase font up there...oh well. So hopefully Rilen isn't too bogged down with work and manages to get the translated script for chapter twenty-five to our typesetter Sayo by then. Now that I have little more to do than sit around and wait for e-mail replies from various companies (T.T!!!) I will also have more time to do some translating myself. I have yet to hear back from my cleaners in regards to their progress on chapters 26-27, but I'm sure they'll be along in decent time as well.

And that's about it! Sorry about the long wait everyone, please continue to be patient as new chapters are coming ^^

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