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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Samurai Usagi chapter 67

Gwaaah!! Sorry for the slow release, everybody!!! Here is chapter sixty-seven of Samurai Usagi.

Download link.

It's listed as the 'final chapter' because it's the last chapter that was published during the manga's weekly serialization in Shonen Jump. However, there is still a bit more to come!! Along with a special chapter that was released in Akamaru Jump a year after the manga's official end, we also have a character popularity poll and some little 'after story' extras that were included in the final volume!! LOOK FORWARD TO IT GUYS =D

Also, some people have been asking me what I plan on doing once the manga is finished. Well! I still have to finish the one-shot of Fukushima Teppei's I collected some time ago (sorry for the wait, some parts of the dialogue are tripping me up >.<), and I'm always keeping my eyes open for new works of his. Along with that, I've also managed to get my hands on the Japanese novel 'Uchouten Kazoku' which some of you may know of given that it earned an anime adaption that aired this summer. I love the anime to bits, so I'm really excited to start translating the novel!!! I would be happy to post chapters here if people are interested, but I'll probably hit up Baka-Tsuki and see if they'd like to add it to their archives- not sure about that since they only seem to do light novels, but we'll see.

When I have free time I might like to go back and do the first volume of SU myself, just to have the chapters on my computer/ give people a chance to read things with better grammar. I'll post those here are well. Finally, if anyone happens to have something they'd like to see translated, please feel free to send it my way and I'll see what I can do!


  1. Thank you for the last(??) chapter Nox :) and...

    I had seen your post and may i request something?? there is a manga called "Culdcept" that i think no one translating it yet ( and of course i want to read it :D), it just have 6 volume though, and they said its axed (hiatus??)
    Synopsis : The manga for Culdcept is about an apprentice cepter named Najaran (with her worrywart talking staff, Goligan) who helps save the Culdcept, the book which the goddess Culdra had kept all the cards in until the War of the Gods. Its more or less like FMA
    the raw link is here :
    Vol 1 :
    Vol 2 :
    Vol 3 :
    Vol 4 :
    Vol 5 :
    Vol 6 :
    thats it .. feel free to translate it or not ( i will glad of you hear my request though :D)
    and for the last thing...
    May God Bless Us All :)

    1. No problem, I hope you enjoy the final(ish) chapter!!

      Looking into your translation request, the manga does appear to be on hiatus but has already been licensed by Tokyopop, who have released the current volumes in English...usually someone would have already scanned and uploaded these volumes online by now (although I don't like this method personally), but since I can't really find anything on the usual manga reading sites I must assume that it's all been taken down due to Tokyopop's wrath. So while I'd like to give translating it a try, I don't like the idea of them getting mad at me D=

      It seems to be available on Amazon if that's an option for you:

      Otherwise I'm sorry I can't be of help, but I have neither the means nor the motivation to tangle with official licensing companies T.T but merry Christmas and happy new year to you! If there's anything else don't hesitate to ask- I'm not nearly as wary when it comes to unlicensed material haha

    2. Yeah.. i want to buy them from amazon but the shipping price is crazy T_T
      I'll looking forward for the special chapter (for now) :DDD

  2. You can put it at Baka-Tsuki. They mostly host LN, but they have too original web-novels plus some novels (Hyouka is a full project, and they have some others as teasers).

    What you have to do is first making a teaser page, then suggest it as a project on the forum (or vice versa). If the novel is a single volume and you do it whole, once you've finished, you shall ask the admins to promote it to a full project. If it has several, once the first volume is done, if you have dedication or have gathered some aides, you can also request the promotion.

    1. Thanks for the info! It sounds like quite the process haha, I'll definitely have to get that ball rolling.

  3. Thanks for the chapter

  4. Thanks a lot, you've done great work on this series and happy New Year!

    1. Not a problem! Happy New Year ^^

  5. I want to say thank you for finishing up this series. I read the first few chapters when I was in Japan back in 2008 or so, and thought it looked really cool. I brought the issues home with me, and pored over everything in them. Then I thought to catch up online, but found out the series was already over, and the scanlations had died!

    so when your team started up again a while ago, it made me really happy. I've put off reading them until you finished, so I can read it all in one go, and now I'm finally going to do so! so THANK YOU for making me able to get nostalgiac about this series, and all the other memories tied up with that trip.

    1. Aw, thank you for such kind words! I'm so happy SU has such great fans. And you went to Japan, that's so cool!! I definitely need to go one day ^^

      Like you, I got into Samurai Usagi when it was just getting started and was devastated when the scanlations stopped! I waited for about two years, and then I finally decided that enough was enough- I'd just have to learn Japanese and do the scanlations myself!! It's become a very fun and productive hobby of mine, I'm a bit sad to have reached the end of the series.

      With that said, there's still one more special chapter left, as well as some other one-shots by the same author!! They're taking me a bit more time, but please look forward to it!

  6. thanks for the chapter! it gave me a scare when it said it was the final chapter so its good to know there's more. I really like this series.

    1. No problem! Yup there's still a little bit left- it's taking me a bit longer but hopefully I won't have to make you guys wait too long.