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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Samurai Usagi popularity poll

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Here are the results from Samurai Usagi's character popularity poll that were included in the final volume!!!

Download link

Who would you have voted for!!? I'd have picked Shino...or maybe Honami XP


  1. thx for all this chapter Noc :)
    until next time ^_^

    PS : i would vote for Maro, his Silence awe me XD

    1. No problem :)

      Maro is great pretty XD

    2. Sorry for the wait- the final chapter is almost twice as long as a regular chapter, so it's taking me a bit longer. I have finished translating and typesetting everything though, so all that's left is proper cleaning. I'm at a busy point with work, so it's hard to say when I'll be doing that...hopefully no later than next week.

    3. nah.. its okay :D
      just take your time dude :)

    4. Yep...just...finishing up some animation revisions...for work...*Vomits blood* #@$#%---

      *Wipes mouth* We went past a sudden deadline the client told us about at the last minute, so things have been kinda rough...I need a minute to recuperate, but I should be back on track this week.

  2. i read this all in once, thanks for the translation :D
    PS: I hate when a good manga is interrupted and Samurai Usagi was as good as different from the others, plus it was interrupted in its ideal ending, so my hate is double !!! ARRG!!!

    1. No problem =D

      I hate that too >.< Samurai Usagi was so unique and refreshing, I'm so sad we're at the end T.T